Analytics & Data Support


We help you set your marketing analytics infrastructure up for better tracking and attribution to better understand how to work towards your goals.

Discover the Value of Investing in Data & Analytics

What’s the point of spending money in the digital space if you aren’t tracking data and analyzing your metrics? Data is vital to seeing the big picture when it comes to your digital landscape, which is why we prioritize helping you get your data infrastructure in place. By setting up and analyzing your data the right way, you can give valuable insights to your team across multiple departments and help your business reach its goals more quickly.

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Full Google Analytics Services

With your website being one of your most important assets as a business, you need to continuously understand how users are interacting with it. You also need to be able to effectively analyze your marketing channels to reach your goals and stop wasting your ad budget. Google Analytics shouldn’t just be thrown together, in fact, there should be a strategy in place to ensure you are tracking all of the right metrics for your business goals.

  • Account/Property/View review & updates
  • 3rd party connections review & set up
  • Goal review, recommendations & set up
  • UTM tracking, set up & recommendations
  • Channel grouping review & set up
  • GA4 set up and optimizations

Tech Stack Connectivity

With a better handle on your analytics infrastructure, we can help you ensure full connectivity across your tech stack. You may not be aware of integrations available in your tech stack, causing you to miss valuable tracking and attribution capabilities in your system. While we aren’t experts in every available technology, we can help you find the right team to support your third party solutions and integrations.

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User Behavior Analytics Services

Are you looking for more in-depth analysis of your user’s buying journey on your website? You need a strategic team that has the right tools in place to record, track and analyze how your website visitors engage with the content in your site. Then, you need a team to proactively test ideas so that you are data-driven and protecting your limited website resources. Sometimes the simple changes can drastically increase your conversion rate.

  • CRO
  • UX
  • A/B testing
  • Done-for-you implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Analytics important?

Yes. We would argue that it is one of the most important data and tracking assets in digital marketing.

We are tracking data using our Squarespace/Wix/Shopify CMS. Do we need Google Analytics?

Absolutely. Google Analytics is a more complex tracking system than most out-of-the-box CMS platforms offer. However, it’s important to understand that in this day and age, we need to analyze data from multiple sources as each system offers different pros and cons.

I already set up a Google Analytics account. Why do I need Unframed Digital’s help?

Google Analytics have default settings that are not created for every unique business need and website. Your user journey, content and goals are vastly different than other businesses. Additionally, websites are always being updated and your analytics need to be updated to. We help you customize your analytics, ensure your third party solutions are connected and your data is telling the story most important to your marketing team’s goals.

Can’t we track user behavior on Google Analytics? Why do I need user-behavior specific services?

Google Analytics only tells part of the story when it comes to users engaging on your website. It also lacks visualization that makes it hard for marketers and leaders alike to understand what the data means. We turn to other software and tools to better understand where users drop off, disengage or connect.

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